The development prospects of industrial automation

The application and development of industrial automation technology is the main means and direction of technological development for industrial technological transformation and technological progress. The technical level of industrial automation not only affects the development of the entire industrial automation, but also has a great direct impact on the technological progress of various sectors of the national economy.
Industrial automation is the general term for information processing and process control such as measurement and manipulation according to the expected goal of the machine equipment or production process without direct manual intervention. Automation technology is to explore and study methods and technologies to realize the automation process. It is a comprehensive technology involving machinery, microelectronics, computers and other technical fields. At the same time, automation technology has also promoted the progress of industry. Today, automation technology has been widely used in machinery manufacturing, electric power, construction, transportation, information technology and other fields, becoming the main means of improving labor productivity.

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Post time: Dec-01-2020
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